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To help us all getting on the high seas, come and learn about our Catbark and nautical tourism.

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Captains House,  B&B Fanø

The perfect place to stay for you  who love nature, peace and to understand more or learn sailing.

Nordby on Fanø is the perfect place to relax on Denmarks weat coast. In the museums, and in the towns Nordby and Sønderho you will find the origins of men from the Danish maritime sailing ship time, with their sense of sturdy stubborn persistence which made sailing captains and crew opening new markets worldwide in last century.

If our owner and skipper is around, we will try to make your stay unforgettable, also by telling his many tales from his sailing business related ocean crossings, and surely how to invest in boat building and sailing ships. Maybe get you into the project or a "project-boats-restauration" where money can be made.

If you book, you can learn how to sail, windsurf, prepare for cruising or ocean sailing maybe starting with dry beach buggy and board sailing kites.

Along with historic Nordby's museums robe work shop, you can also get into Shanty singing and surely the seaman's most important items ; rum and beer from Fanø.

If weather permitting, you will be grilling and talking in the courtyard under the stars till the wee hours or early watch.

When the sun just appears in the horizon, it's time for amber sourcing on the freshly barren outgoing tide beach. Chasing away the seals and flatfish, to discover small fortunes in the bottom of sandy reefs. If low tide it's oyster picks and stone crab hunting is possible, when properly equipped with high rubber boots. A fresh oyster lunch can be arranged in the nature.

                 Fanø B&B will invest in the construction and operation of a no emission Catbark event vessel.

By pre-sale of excursions, event arrangement and other services, together with external funding, finance the building of a 20 mts sailing Catbark, with 10 suites cabins, small cabyss and a workshop/generator room, with small eletric propulsion outboards from Torqdo, inflatable deck furniture on net deck under temporary erected sun roof, for best option of national park Waddensea excursions.


As resident on the island of Fanø, in the Waddensea national park since 2008, and as a +30 year nature seeking sailor, I have admired the national park in catamarans and boats, because it’s a unique experience when you are in the middle of the huge area of nature preservation, where sandbanks peaks out whenever low tide, and this is where you find the treasures of this park. The ground is covered with oysters, crabs and multiple species that serve as food for the huge flock’s of migratory birds. From our stable deck you can observe the tidal changes and study the rich ecosystem.

The Catbark design permits a stable craft for high speeds, robust beachlandings, low draft and its inflatable’s unground pontoon system makes a excellent observation platform for this unique bird and nature. Unless landing craft you can not get close in a safe way.

The design concept is originally developed to energy production from ocean winds during cargo runs and are a ongoing development, but will serve perfectly for visitors to this 1500 km2 sump, marsh and tidal dominated areas. Just birdlife observations has millions of followers and with this craft we can safely stand and watch during tidal change in comfortable surroundings as well as rapidly move to different areas. When summer and good weather the 18 by 15 meter net deck accommodates 40 persons in inflated furnitures and sun cover, drinks and dining and top entertainment by our expert nature guides.

Room 5 & 6

Upstairs recently renovated rooms with basic double or 2 single beds , wardrope, table and chairs . Room 6 have a small toilet wtih wash bassin.

Room No. 4

Room on 1st floor next to the 1st floor bathroom and living room. A very large room with two new beds, 90 x 200 cm. From the room is a nice view over town. No. 4, 5 and 6 can reserve the rights to the living room and upstairs bathroom to form a small apartment, closed of to the staircase.

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