We are extremely happy to announce our first big investor has confirmed participation up to half million dollars.

Plastique of Fanø


Tradition meet innovation in Fanø, creating worlds best events, party and sailing vessel, in a 56 meter long

and 20 meter wide next trend in sailing party platform cruise vessel.


Why: Party and Cruising shows a steady increased numbers within nautical world.

When: Pending funding /crowdfunding already 2019 1st Quarter.

Who: A group of young people from Southen Denmark University and experienced Danish boatbuilders

Where: Build at Esbjerg windmill harbour to cruise the world.


How to be involved: Register your interest in below form and we will come back to you.



Plastique is a daring project to build a unique catamaran to circumnavigate the world to participate in the next step in nautical tourism and making awareness of plastics good impacts on our world. Our objective is to create the best party and sailing vessel to sail, party and participate in harbor cities, beach or nautical events around in the nautical world.


By combining a tall ship rigging, a copy of the sail training tall ship Danmark, and a GRP pipe based construction reinforced by carbon structure the vessel will be unique in beauty, speed and innovation. Using ordinary GRP water pipes, in a 10 foil catamaran hull concept and spars of composite, we'll make a very fast and relatively inexpensive totally different sailing cruise vessel.


With cabins for 100 “tourists” and dorms for 20 trainees/crew, our voyage program will have have intense party and social interaction as objective, besides the nautical and events participation. During vayage a net between hull will collect plastics and other debris from the water.


Why Fanø Denmark, well it has a prominent place in the history of shipping and was in the end of 1800 center of big earnings of shipping in the worldwide trade, before the engine started taking sailing ships away from the ocean. Also the island boost a prime location of wind and sailing weather, and numbers in turism economy of Denmark, only second to Copenhagen. Many Fanø vessels have traveled the whole world thus founding the first navigation and seaman schools of Denmark here. Between them also the navigation school of Maersk group, today one of the biggest ship owner of the world, and our project will have its home here today, where also modern entrepreneurship and business education are taught in the old seamands schools. Our nearby Esbjerg we find a international community of students on the technical universities to help us and it home of offshore windfarm industry, where the fiber/carbon wings were inspiration.


In next door Esbjerg, Denmark you also find the windmill industry center. Where carbon fiber and fiber constructions in the blades are world leading. Also hulls production, by Tuco, Fåborg, Denmark have proven the future of carbon fiber ship hulls. With the technology and know-how in GRP and carbon fibers, also found in wind energy, Tuco have proven that many big hulls of different types vessels can be of carbon fiber. It may be a plastic but it's a highly sophisticated building material that are three times stronger than steel and half the weight of aluminum and as such a solution 99% recyclable.


By combining the GRP and carbon fiber in a light catamaran pipe hull design, with the tall ship furling rigging done with carbon fiber spars, a new combination in tall ship sailing will be tested. Adding foil sailing capacities may just mean game changing in the sailing cruising world. New technoogy in infusion of fibers may also make price very atractable.


We have made estimates with hull construction kilo composite at a high end 61 USD and roughly believe we can earn the max USD 3.5 million price tag on Plastique back in 5 years by just have the 20 dbl cabins occupied around 300 days a year at min USD 125 per bunk. Besides the marketing income on our huge sail area, where we are starting out with famous artists painting exhibition with laser projection by invited artists. In financing we turn to a event and crowdfunding account setup, which again will give first rights on cruise tickets, and of course only when we reach completed “critical mass” in budgets, the Plastique project will start constructing and recieve funding.


The donors to our crowdfunding can opt to receive a reward stock issue, which may create value for the sponsors as these can be traded on our website, when the "stock & rights" comes with rights to specific cruise bunks dates. The cruise planning will take into consideration big events, city celebrations, special holiday events like Rio Carnival, Chinese Newyear, ARC, Vendee etc worldwide.


Come and help !


Best regards


The Plastique Team




Cruise Program Booking

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