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After 30+ years of sailing +20 mt boats around the world I ended up in one of the birth place of Danish maritime story, Fanø. Here I worked in the local shipping museum and finally got the good idea:of combining a foiling catamaran hull with a square rig. Working with Tuco on carbon fiber power cats in 2015, I had discovered the expensive side of carbon fiber boat building, so turning to the local wind mill wing fabrication I discovered the combination of glass fiber and carbon fiber. At the same time I discovered the manufacturer of +4 mt diameter glass fiber pipes. In Esbjerg I found a group of bright students, some already with their first masters taken, and got them to work on the idea development. We realized the value as party platform, as its biggest earner and formed a marketing and business plan here after.

Our view on the financial funding of the first vessel, is starting with a web based platform to control and visualize the functions of Man-Hour Controls, Expense Control, Time/Space Booking platform and "booking with stock option" where stock is based on the value of building project cost+5 yrs operational expense less booking value. The re-selling of bookings/stocks will only be available here on this platform.


Feasibility arguments


Squarerig bunks selling prices estimate USD 350 per bunk/day based on f.ex. the Amsterdam.


A 1200 m2 "elastic dance floor" in the right place is priceless and very pending who is inviting and performing. We took our experiences from Rio de Janeiro experiences and put the value at 3.000 USD with 20% occupancy.


A day sailing experience with Plastique is also priceless but an 3-hourly earning of 1000 USD per day very feasiable.













Here some of the arguments for the cruise organization possible due to the innovative design concepts.


Square rig and catamaran are natural partners as lower Gravity-point, IMPROVES DRASTICALLY THE HEALING NORMALLY FELT ON SAILBOAT, and with/when foiling smoth and littel shaky ride expected.


High masts with full with booms (where sails are fasted and furled (rolled) in are excellent for fast rain/sun covering of 20 by 50 (1000 m2) of deck for dancing, game playing, meetings, prize giving etc.etc.

Rope balconies

Tobogao chutes from 30 mts height with water.

Light, Laser and water shows from 48 mt high mast top.

Pipe hull sides covered in netting with small hammock like places and always easy acces to the water.

Windsurfs, SUP and canoes besides all diving equipment and underwater observations windows.


4 x anchors in corner beam/hulls and 10xvertical spods for tide lift and beach standing.

6 x Thrusters of paddle wheel electric driven can make stream like canoe sport and waterfall kind of lightshows.


Cabins with small refrigerator and microwave owen, table, chairs, bed or bunks-turning-table, wall TV/Monitor with LAN games, brigde control repeating etc. All utensils eco plastics and prefeably one-time. Minimun onboard party equipment like barbecue, Vok, refrigerator equipment for party time. Several freezers units and row of visicoolers. Basic idea that all food as indivial desire and to handle themselves, crew or guests. Professionel Diner-In when needed in ports/beaches events.


Good partying and sailing :-)




Square rig and catamaran are natural partners as lower Gravity-point and wider sheet fastening points possible.


Carbon masts and booms, with deck level furling, sheet and hailyard central control points, all possible due new materials in nautical equipment.


10 x foils with L formed delta wings fitting hull curve.


Comment on size of foil and hull: Average wave height in the pretended sailing area worldwide does pass 2 mts 90% of the time and lot less in the highly populated and seasport interesting areas. Check


4 x anchors in "corners" and vertical spods for tide lift standing.

4 x Thrusters paddle wheels electric driven and generating.


Side thruster paddle wheel, electric powered.


Cabins with small refrigerator and microwave to avoid common kitchen, but more common halls. All utensils plastic. Several freezers units and row of visicoolers. Basic idea that all food as indivial desire and for crew or guests to handle themselves. Likewise philosophy on logding/hotel service.

All events to be with outside catering and organization.


Production Planning

- CAD drawings

- 5,6 mt model production and testing

- production of wheel blocks pipe supports for construction site

- delivery of pipes pcs from China to Esbjerg harbour

- cut and prepare each 10 mt length for connecting to 2x40 mt pcs with connecting 1 mt D x 20 mt length.

- carbon "plating process-carbon fiber outer skin application by rotating on wheelblocks" all pcs under assembly of spars and hull.

- insert of cabins, cable runs, and wirering

- cutting of openings for exits and windows

- cutting and assembly 2 bow 45x2 turns sections

- cutting openings and assembly brigde section 10 x 4 OD mt

- installing main brigde furniture, cable pipes and bridge control.

- install engine room: 4x30 KVA Onan type gensets.

- battery rooms in each hull and under sail with solar cells charging cloth.

- assembly hulls, beams and brigde sections

- float hull

- assembly masts and bowspit

- raise masts

- assembly rigging

- install 10 sword and foils

- install 4 wheel paddle engine thruster and 1 side wheel paddle thruster

Tell about the process in combining GRP with carbon fibers.



Good sailing :-)




Bunks 10% occu 12



Stage&dance floor use



Day sailing less commissions etc






Yearly vsl operational exp















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