Consultancy in Brazilian, Peruvian and Paraguayan affairs


Due to my more than 30 years understanding and experiences as entrepeneur, custom contractor and employed in energy and infrastructure businesses, and a extensive network in these countries, I can offer my services and a "no-cure-no-pay" custom contracting.


Present opportunities includes;

- River passenger transportation in composite catamarans, initially for +9 mio dailly passengers in Amazon delta only. Manufacturing of composite hulls to reduce initial and operating costs, besides elevating safety to permissible levels. Develop local handcraft and education by outfitting done in local yards and general business comprehension using webinars and distance education.

- 300 tons yearly Elliotti Resin Gum from Fazenda Roseira.

- ECO WC solution.

- Dregding and concession operating of Paraguay River. Oportunity in Paraguay, where financial backing of opportunity rely on Itaipu receipts finally destined to Paraguay.

- Life saving appliances sale and services in Brazil. Hold option on company, were the right partner and development could bring it to world market leader.

- Offshore and maritime repair and yard services in Brazil and Uruguay. Access to main players, locations and new concepts will make contracts available for the right partner.

- Digital and consulting services within bids and licitation in Brazil.

- 300 mio USD terminal take-over.

- +1000 km pipeline in Brazil and Paraguay, with special concessionaire rights and options. Finance were in-place Dec 15, but need new structure due present credibility crisis in Brazil.

- In Brazil I'm looking for partners in windpower under ANEEL 482 regulation, yards for vessels repairs and completions, diving companies for service contracts, cooperatives with manpower purposes, real-estate for resort development and RFID CTI service developments.

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